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Like, your old friend from high school or that guy who lives down the hall in your attached” flirtationship can be the best of both worlds in the dating scene.

I really like this lady and want to known her. Can i suggest your next step is to simply explain as best you can that you need some intimacy time to make sure you are compatiable in that area.

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Explain it is important to you personally, important for all men and an important part of your Western culture which she must also respect. There are plenty of other ladies her age that are dying to meet you and form a relationship in Thailand. She is only one of them. Hi Martin …good advice.. Got any tips please …I have never been to Thailand but I have met a couple of Thai women and I find them absolutely attractive… is there any dating sites you can recommend.

Thailand is certainly one of those bucket list places try ThaiRomances. Com umm, no-one is likely to go scouting for women for you: Why would you even think about doing that? Last week i met five ladies in Bangkok. All were good looking, nice dressed, well educted and very good position at work. All the meetings were fine.

As by the book. I behaved very good. Just before the end of the date, i asked to meet again. They all agreed with one condition: So there was a second date. But the first mistake was asking for a 2nd date while at the first one. As a general rule of thumb, the first date should be just to meet for a coffee and a chat. Wrap it up and thank her for her time and say your enjoyed your time together and then leave.

If you did, contact her again in a few days.

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To put it bluntly, you should be sexually involved after the 2nd or 3rd date. To show an affectionate appearance with her in public, makes her look like a common whore. Respect and honor reins supreme in at lest one country nowadays. Anyway, this is an interesting subset culture…men looking for live overseas…. Please do keep me informed too! Western men are assumed to be more romantic than Thai guys. Don't touch the hair! The beauty of Thai culture.

Dave November 5, at 7: Martin November 24, at 7: Peter May 20, at 6: Martin May 21, at Did I made any mistake? Martin April 11, at 8: If you did, contact her again in a few days To put it bluntly, you should be sexually involved after the 2nd or 3rd date.

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Mark May 4, at 3: Martin May 5, at 8: Ci' Absalon February 9, at 4: He spent about 10,THB for food and wine. Pick a Thai restaurant and everyone else will be just as happy. As of writing Harry the Hungarian is still dating his first Thai girlfriend. I did tell Harry it was better to pick a place to meet near where she lived. However, he thought his area was better because he knows the location and where the best places are to eat. In Bangkok, traffic is a nightmare. You can be stuck for hours if you come out during rush hour and when it rains.

Thai girls take what may seem like forever to look beautiful. They go through the whole ritual. Makeup, hair salons, nail salons and beauty clinics. All of that takes a lot of time. And as I mentioned on 4 some of her friends will be tagging along. At least for the first few rounds of couple of dates. And all of her friends will have to go through the whole beautification ritual. It usually gets better when both get to know each other better. All good Thai girls plan on showing you off to her parents and friends.

I was hoping I could just continue on dating without the distraction of marriage to get in the way. Who am I to beat Thai tradition anyways? All of them wanted to get married. I believe that many foreigners after finding a good Thai girl never planned on getting married too. And they just fell into it and not prepared for comes next. Thai girls with good families expect a big wedding celebration. Try this one and her family will disown her. In Thai culture, marriage is a celebratory festivity.

There will be lots of monks and lots of family. But as a foreigner you can expect to pay at least ,THB.

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Either in cash or a mix of cash and material goods. Past the half year mark her parents pressured her to talk about us getting married. Obviously, that never worked out and I called it quits. Hell, I secretly went to bars and massage parlors while we were still in a relationship. Dating a Thai girl for the very first time has some similarities to dating Western women. Hold the door open for her. Laugh at her jokes.

At least not yet. Even good Thai girls can have a lot of emotional baggage. A lot of my friends have really good relationships with their Thai girlfriends. It all starts with you being open minded and non judgmental. Jimmy October 19, Yes, your experiences were very similar to my experiences.

Ultimately, if she is very close to her family, which good Thai girls are supposed to be, marriage is unavoidable. Thank you for sharing your experience!

Endre October 18, 8: Met her through some friends who work in BKK. She was working in the municipality of BKK and was a very good looking girl. Live in BKK and travel back home when needed. Arranged a date in an ok restaurant — she told med she should pick me up by my hotel, just had to wait outside the hotel. Yep, was waiting, haha — 30, 45, then 60 min. I thought she gone and sent her a msg by line.

Ok, she would be there 15 min later. She arrived 30 min later, haha. She was driving her car, a small Corolla with already 4 passenger inside. Ok — the person in the front seat jumped out and I got the passenger seat. We drove to the restaurant and ordered food. A lot of fuzz around the order and a most from her friends — she also had limited english skills, but had one friend who was better skilled as translater google translate are your friend.

Hinted to the friends that why not take a look at that one and bring in the bill to me. Dinner, drinks etc bill was B. She drove me to the hotel and we said goodbye — agreed to meet next evnening for dinner before I left. So she drove to my hotel and parked before joining me at my room. Dated her for some months until marrige came up — had a terrible brake up and had luckily not met her parents yet.