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Like, your old friend from high school or that guy who lives down the hall in your attached” flirtationship can be the best of both worlds in the dating scene.

The food is innovative and delicious! Have fun in Times Square! Times Square is a large, comprehensive lifestyle complex equipped with various leisure, entertainment, accommodation and dining facilities including; Shinsegae Department Store featuring a number of luxury brands and high-end local products; CGV Starium featuring the Starium with the world's largest screen and multiple performance center; Kyobo Book Centre; E-Mart Discount Supermarket; Courtyard by Marriott featuring rooms, 10 suites and 5 meeting rooms on 16 floors; Kolon Sporex Luxury Fitness Center; Amoris Banquet and Convention; I Like Dalgi Children's Theme Park; restaurants, and many more.

It's a all-in-one for those who don't want to waste time!

Perfect for a date! Take a flight in Air Cafe with your lover! Air Cafe has a distinguished interior design as everything is similar as a plane - seats, boarding pass and even duty free.

Tips for date spots in Insadong Seoul

You can take your brunch in this interesting restaurant among a large choice of sets from different countries. The food is very tasty, delicious and the staff is very nice.

5 Dating Spots in Seoul That Everyone Goes To

It's a must-do date activity! If you watched some Korean dramas before, this bridge is really a popular spot for the lead roles to cry or to have their romantic scenes taken. This place will captivate you for its beauty and peacefulness! A Water Fountain show is also displayed. Have fun in Lotte World Ice Rink!

Spend a delightful day with your lover as you can spend time in this ice rink but also other attractions. It is located in the heart of Lotte World. Improve your general knowledge and relax in hidden rest areas! Going to a museum on a date sounds a little bit boring but actually this museum is full of hidden rest areas and has become one of the best spots for dating. The lights are ideal and you will find many great rest areas in the largest museum of Korea. It features many small little shops and cafes. For window shoppers, it will be impossible for you to leave the place without buying anything culture related to Korea!

This unique area was designed in such a way by connecting its charming alleys in the form of a spiral-like stairway. Olympic Park is situated on the east side of Seoul and was the place where the Olympics were held. You and your date will surely have sore feet by the end of your tour around the park. You can also rent bikes from vendors. If you are in Seoul, you might notice that there is not much greenery in the city; so sack your lunch and head on over to this park!

It also features one of the largest movie screens in the world! Your date might puke! This park was opened in and features a scenery of absolute beauty. With the growing number of buildings in Seoul, one can feel trapped and confined inside the city. You and your date can walk around the featured five parks and escape the commercial realities of life for one moment.

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If you hate scuba diving but still love beautiful sea life, make sure you and your date check out the Coex Aquarium. The tanks are divided into different sections there are six of them and are viewed in a tunnel like atmosphere. At the end of Ocean Walk is the Aquarium. Well, like we mentioned, there are many hidden alleyways and cafes in Insadong. If you look hard enough, you will find the Ssamziegil underground workshop.

5 Dating Spots in Seoul That Everyone Goes To

You and your date can learn how to design different Korean crafts like cups and dishes, rings, and cell phone accessories. You can also make hanji Korean paper crafts like jewel boxes and paper lamps. Once you see the big sign, take an immediate left and go down the stairs. Oh man, i was looking for something like Nagwon Sangga!!

Finally i can show off my piano skills! We knew there are music and art dwellers out there looking for a place to date. Also , you should check out piano cafes in the Hongdae area!

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I love making things and learning how to make things. Only thing here, really, is Starbucks…. Just strolling around and enjoying the scenery at night makes a perfect date and do include the street performers who come out at night. To get to Samcheongdong, take bus 11 from Seoul Station. It will take you past Gyeongbokgung Palace and travel along its right side, the bus will turn right up a hill after a few minutes, get out right at the bottom of the hill.

Cheonggyecheon is a man-made stream built underneath the street level, beginning at Seoul City Hall.

Top Five Date Spots in Seoul

Multitudes of couples can be seen strolling down the stream, hand in hand. After about ten minutes from entering from City Hall, Cheonggyecheon becomes covered with trees and bushes. As you continue down the stream the city gives way to the quiet sound of water running through the stream and although the street is just overheard, the stream seems soundproof to the city noise. Unbelievable - but true! Around 8pm street musicians come down from the upper levels of the city to the stream level to serenade the night with guitar and voice.

The stream lights up just enough to set a relaxed nighttime atmosphere.

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There are plenty of secluded places to stop along the stream as well. Make a wish - at the City Hall entrance, there is a specially lit pond where you can throw in a coin to make a wish.

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Because Cheonggyecheon is such a large stream, you can access it from many different points but we recommend starting from City Hall. Walk out exit 4 and go straight for about five minutes and Cheonggyecheon will begin on your right hand side. If you are a business in Seoul and have an event to promote you can do it on My Guide at no cost. English dental work in Seoul, Korea. From shorter treatment times to reasonable pricing as well Seoul, Korea can accommodate most dental treatments in short time without. Many people blame hair loss on unbalanced diets and work-related stress and the number of especially younger men going to hair treatment clinics has gone up a lot in rece.

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