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Like, your old friend from high school or that guy who lives down the hall in your attached” flirtationship can be the best of both worlds in the dating scene.

Sex will be interrupted to fight about gentrification. You will serve as their dress-up doll for all of the various products and styles that they are currently trying out, but they will always look good, and if you follow their advice, you will, too. Be there for moral support, listen to their complaints about undergrads, and cry with them over financial aid disappointments. Be their rock, because otherwise they will float away into the ether of endless hours in the library and eating dining hall food at age One day, they will be able to return the favor.

25 Professions And What It’s Like To Date Someone Who’s In Them

Chelsea Fagan founded the blog The Financial Diet. She is on Twitter. The cover and theme for my newest book was inspired by the concept of kintsugi. All that is dark or cracked within us has the capacity to be fixed, to be filled with light. We are never broken. We are always becoming. Choose wisely" [Thought Catalogue] […]. Reblogged this on Anakin's reveries in multiverses. Reblogged this on Urbanista Travel Bug.

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By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. More From Thought Catalog. Originally Posted by lnvictus. Sorry OP we can't help there. Business owner crew I take pics http: Of course, you can't generalize and there are exceptions. Originally Posted by NKWulf. Originally Posted by Elmorroalto. Male doctors and HBB nurses fresh outta college are a thing.

Originally Posted by BigTimePlayer. Then I'm in her mind.

When were you born?

At least she knows of me. And I hope when she's touching herself that night thinking of Wentworth Miller or whoever the fuk, right as she is about orgasm somehow I enter her head and ruin her kumshot. Originally Posted by WeekndOrNah. Gonna marry a doctor, so that I can fook her next time I feel sick to get better. They sometimes do but its rare Jobs matter if you want to see the individual.. Just a thought on the lawyer argument, only a small percent actually go to trial.

A lot are responsible for contracts and many jobs can be found that are …. Family physician, depending on the size of practice they choose to maintain, is a good profession to date as well.

And the education debt is not unmanageable, mine was paid off within 5y. Would never date a teacher…. I maintain a full busy life myself, so being patient for him is not too much of an aggravation. My problem sometimes lays in him being able to keep his word with time…. One profession not listed here that should be is Railroader. As a 3d generation railroader, I know how it is. Most Rails tend to have a spare bedroom that they keep when in a relationship so that they can go sleep alone waiting for the am call to go to work.

Then, its anywhere from hours before you are home again, with no idea to know when until you ARE home. On the plus side, you DO make good money, and once you have made your monthly miles, you can be off for up to a couple weeks at a time.

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The pension is usually as good as it gets 63k a year for max pension at my company , and you get up to 6 weeks holidays once you are a senior employee. Nothing is sexier than a intelligent man!

Lawyers Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Lawyers

For those who think engineers have no social skills… not true. There are two fail-proof topics of conversation that will get them to converse with you all night long. So, when you consider all of that, I think engineer trumps doctor for sure. Also, just thinking about all the engineers I know versus all the doctors I know, engineers are way sexier as a whole. All that stress doctors have to deal with does a number on their physical appearance! I dated an artist once. Some have good paying jobs, but lawyers are no longer in demand like they once were.

I know several people who are in law, and NONE of them make tons of cash. Most of them have to take on second jobs just to pay the law school loans because there are so many lawyers out there, and so few job openings for them. Finally, military men and women. Especially those in the marines. Although I love our troops, their working conditions suck for significant others. My cousin married a marine. Also she just had a baby, and her husband was deployed to Afghanistan like a month after he was born.

The Best and Worst Professions to Date

Also abuse rates in the military are really high. At least the Air Force pays a little better. And i like my alone time, so a job where they are not there a lot geographically like an oil driller would suit me fine. That said, if they were there physically but not emotionally ie an engineer or lawyer that would drive me nuts! Yes, that is so true… from what I have seen or heard.

Check out this interesting data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

I have friends and a distant family member who have all been married to police and men in the military, and have all been abused to some degree. My ex spouse is in the military.

The Best and Worst Professions to Date - 29Secrets

We were together for 4 and a half years and that is all I could take. He was so abusive mentally and physically, to myself and my older child from a previous marriage. We had our own child together at the start of the relationship that I raised mostly until he was 3 years old because his dad my ex worked full time in the military. When my children and I left my ex, he cut me off completely financially, hired a lawyer claiming that I kidnapped our son and WON custody of him. I had no money to pay for a lawyer because I stayed home to raise children.

Moral of this is: Take care of yourself first, have your own money secretly set aside that no one else can access and make sure you have the ability to properly support yourself on your own so that IF the relationship goes bad you are not screwed.